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Data Navigator

The Data Navigator in Datatific Review is a powerful and easy way to explore database tables and views. Its innovative data tree lets you dynamically examine data the way you want. You decide where to start and where to end. It is direct. It is fast. And it is easy.

You start with a table or view and then select a column of interest. The distinct values (and optionally counts) are displayed in the tree. Select a value and the data is displayed in the table panel. Continue selecting columns and values to get more specific data. This data navigation effectively builds a data filter with the structure Column1 = Value1 AND Column2 = Value2 AND so on. This process lets you examine the data as you navigate and filter it.  Very powerful!

Data Navigator Tutorial
Click to watch 8 minute tutorial on Data Navigator.

What can you do with the Data Navigator?

The process works as follows:

  1. Specify the data source
  2. Select a table or view to navigate
  3. Select a column in the table or view
  4. Select a value in the column
  5. Continue selecting columns and values as desired
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How-To Details

To use the Data Navigator, open Datatific Review, select the Data Explorer tab and follow the steps below.

Specify the Data Source

Select New Data Source from the ribbon, enter the data source settings and then click the Connect button.

Specifiy Data Source

Select Table or View to Navigate

After connecting, use the Navigation sidebar to expand the Tables or Views folder and select the item to navigate.

Select spreadsheet

Select a Column

Expand the table or view tree node to display the list of columns. Click on a column to navigate.

Select spreadsheet

Select a Value

Expand the column node to display the list of values.

Select spreadsheet

You can copy the value list to the clipboard (Control + C) or click on a value to see the data in table panel.

Select spreadsheet

Select More Columns and Values

Continue selecting columns and values as desired to analyze and view data. You decide which path to follow. For example, you could start with color and then size or start with size and then color. Very powerful!

Select spreadsheet

Refer to the Datatific Review Users Guide for more details on using the data navigator.

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