Introducing Datatific Review

Datatific ReviewDo you work with data? Do you need to explore data from multiple databases? Do you work with different database types? Do you compare data? Do you need an easy way to manage data? Do you want one program for all your data needs?

Then Datatific Review is for you.

What is Datatific Review? It is a data application used to view and compare data in Access, Excel, Oracle and SQL Server. It is visually appealing, easy to use and rich with features.

Datatific Review has a range of capabilities to help you derive more value from your data. You can analyze information from multiple data sources and gain more insights by bringing together all of your data – from spreadsheets to server databases. The multidimensional data tree lets you navigate data in productive and imaginative ways. The search feature lets you quickly find and recognize data patterns. You can compare different versions of the same data or different database types and structures.

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Buy now Try for free More info

Data Navigator

The Data Navigator in Datatific Review is a powerful and easy way to explore database tables and views. It lets you walk the database from the general to the specific.  You start with a table or view and then select a column of interest.  The distinct values (and optionally counts) are displayed in the tree.  Select a value and the data is displayed in the table panel.  Continue selecting columns and values to get more specific data.  This data navigation effectively builds a data filter with the structure Column1 = Value1 AND Column2 = Value2 AND … AND ColumnN = ValueN. This process lets you examine the data as you navigate and filter it.  Very powerful!

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How To Compare Two Columns Using Expressions

Comparing two columns is easy in Datatific Review.   Using the Expressions feature, you can compare the values in two columns and display the result.

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How To Compare Two Excel Spreadsheets

Oftentimes you may need to compare two versions of the same spreadsheet to see what has changed from one version to the next. The spreadsheets may be time related (e.g., data from different weeks or months). Or the spreadsheets could be different versions shared between groups (e.g., a supplier submitting a different version of data to an engineering company).

If the spreadsheets conform to a data table (with the first row the header), you can use  Datatific Review to make this comparison.   It will show the rows that were added, deleted and/or changed.  Changes are highlighted to show you what changed.

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How To Compare Two Tables

Whether you are comparing two tables from the same database, different databases or even different database types (Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server), Datatific Review can do it. Even if you have dissimilar data like columns with different names and/or different data types, Datatific Review can compare it.  You can also concatenate or parse data if necessary to make comparing data easier.

The Compare feature provides a stepped processed for comparing two tables with features and options to make the task easy.

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How To Find Data

Finding a needle in a haystack can be difficult – unless you have the right tool. Datatific Review has a unique feature for marking data patterns in a table so they are easy to see.  You specify what to find and Datatific Review will mark every cell that matches that pattern.  The results standout very clearly.  You can define your data search using regular expressions to give you even more power for finding data. No matter what the data source – Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server – finding data and marking it is easy with Datatific Review.

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For more information on Datatific Review, visit the Datatific Review website.




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