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CalcForce for Windows 8 - Tip and Shortcuts

CalcForce for Windows 8 is a unique scientific calculator for the Windows 8. CalcForce evaluates expressions as you type. It is rich with features and options. CalcForce is easy to use yet very powerful.

Here are some helpful tips and shortcuts to save time and get the most out of CalcForce

  1. Reorder calcs in the list by dragging them to a new position
  2. The answer in one calc can be used in another calc by dragging the calc from the list to the expression or variable of the active calc. The value is automatically copied at the location of the pointer
  3. Use undo to correct mistakes made in expressions and variables
  4. To open the app menu, right click in the app background or swipe up
  5. Reorder variables in a calc by dragging them to a new position.
  6. Rename variables by selecting header and changing name.
  7. Variables can have sub expressions like 2*pi or sin(45). Any math expression is valid in a variable except variables cannot contain other variables.
  8. Quickly select the contents of an expression or variable by clicking in the far left of the edit box.
  9. You can quickly close parentheses in an expression or variable by selecting the Auto Append key on the CalcForce functions keypad (the key with the "x)]" symbol).
  10. When selecting a function for a value that is already in the expression or variable, select (highlight) the value before selecting the function. When the function is selected, the value will automatically be wrapped with the function parentheses.
  11. To replace one value with another, select (highlight) the value to replace and then enter the new value.
  12. The decimal mark for inputting numbers in the expression and variables defaults to your culture standard. You can change the default behavior in Default settings or change an individual calc in the calc Settings.
  13. Use the If function to perform conditional calculations. If functions can contain other If functions. This is very powerful when combined with variables.
  14. To perform multiple scenarios of a calc with variables, add each case to history. In history you can review and restores cases as needed.
  15. Use the Refresh button on the app menu to force a refresh of the calc. This is not normally needed, but is useful for functions and variables that have the random function. Refresh will get a new random number.

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