CalcForce - Scientific Calculator for Windows 8

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CalcForce is a unique scientific calculator that evaluates expressions as you type. It is rich with features and options. CalcForce is easy to use yet very powerful.

CalcForce operates both as a standard scientific calculator and as a multi operation, multi variable calculator.

You can open multiple calculations and switch between calculations. Drag and drop the result of one calculation into another calculation.

Results are stored in history and you can undo and redo calculation input.

Calculation data is automatically saved so you can use the next time you open CalcForce.

CalcForce is ideal for engineers, scientists, students, programmers or anyone that needs a robust computer calculator. Use CalcForce to solve math and engineering problems; analyze loans; calculate budgets; determine BMI; and more...

Learn CalcForce
Learn CalcForce
Learn CalcForce
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Languages Supported: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

CalcForce for Windows 8 Features

CalcForce Multi calc environment
CalcForce Drag and drop between calcs
CalcForce Calculates as you type
CalcForce Automatically saves your data
CalcForce Insert variables on the fly
CalcForce Options for rounding, decimals, significant figures and output format
CalcForce Undo and redo
CalcForce History with restore and comments
CalcForce Over 50 math functions
CalcForce Over 20 constants
CalcForce Calc library with a variety of samples
CalcForce Configure expression and variable decimal mark as either period ( . ) or comma ( , )