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CalcForce Scientific Calculator - Getting Started

CalcForce is a unique scientific calculator for the PC. CalcForce answers as you type; creates variables; analyzes multiple cases; has a multi calculation interface. Getting started is easy.

CalcForce Demo
Click to watch 4 minute demo on CalcForce Scientific Caclulator.

When CalcForce starts, a new calculation tab is opened. To calculate simply type an expression in the Expression box and the result will appear as you type. There is no need the press the Enter key. The result appears automatically. (If the expression is purely numeric (i.e., no variables) then pressing the Enter key will replace the expression with the result.)

You can enter numbers, operators, functions or variables in the Expression box. You can enter from the keyboard or from the CalcForce keypads.

CalcForce Expression Tip: Press the Enter key to transfer the result to the expression. Only applies if the express doesn't have variables.

If you enter a variable, CalcForce will automatically generate a variable list between the Expression and the Results. Variables are initialized with a value of zero. To change the value of a variable, click on the value and enter a new value from either the keyboard or the CalcForce keypads.

CalcForce Variable Tip: variables can contain sub-expressions (e.g., 2*pi or sin(pi/2)). The only restriction is a sub-expression cannot have variables.

Calc Options

The Calc ribbon provides a variety of commands and options like auto complete, clear, refresh, rounding, significant digits, angle values, multi case options and memory.

CalcForce Calc Ribbon

New Calc

To create a new calc, click on the New Calc button in the Home ribbon. This will add a new tab to the active work area. You can open as many calcs as you want in CalcForce.

CalcForce Home Ribbon

Multiple Calcs

You can switch to a different calc by clicking the calc tab. To close a calc, click the small x in the tab.

CalcForce Calcs

You can also view calcs side-by-side. To do this, drag the tab of a calc to the left, right, top or bottom and drop.

CalcForce Calcs

Save Calc

If you upgraded from CalcForce Lite to CalcForce, you can save a calc to a file for reuse later.

To save a calc, click the Save button on the Home ribbon and follow the prompts.

Open Calc

You can open a saved calc by clicking on the File tab, selecting Open and following the prompts.

Tip: You can quickly open recently saved calcs from the Recent Calculations list on the File tab.

Example Calcs

The CalcForce library comes with several example calcs to get you started. Select the Calc Library from the CalcForce Explorer and select a calc to use.

CalcForce Calc Library

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