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"CalcForce is a handy and reliable utility!"

CalcForce is a unique scientific calculator for the PC. CalcForce answers as you type; creates variables; analyzes multiple cases; has a multi calculation interface. It has a rich set of commands, features and options. It is easy to use yet very powerful. Use for work, school or home. CalcForce is an exceptional new way to calculate!

How does CalcForce work? It operates like a basic calculator with the flexibility to define variables, constants, functions and logical operations. You can edit and modify; analyze multiple cases; view side-by-side; save and reuse. Many great features!

CalcForce screenshots:

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Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

What Can You Do With CalcForce?

CalcForce Perform basic math operations Enter numbers and math operations in sequence. The result appears as you type.
CalcForce Perform advance math operations Create complex expressions using a rich set of math operators and functions. The result appears as you enter the expression.  
CalcForce Add variables Use variables in expressions as desired. A variable list is created automatically. The result is automatically updated as variable values are set.  
CalcForce Edit expressions1 Change expression values, operators, functions, sequence, etc. as desired with the keyboard or CalcForce keypads. Cut, copy and paste from one expression to another.
CalcForce Undo and redo Undo and redo typing sequence in expressions. Results are automatically updated.  
CalcForce Open multiple calculations Create and open as many calculations as you want. Calculations appear in separate tabs. Perform a variety of calculations in a single session; compare different calculations; use the results in one calculation as the input to another.  
CalcForce View side-by-side Drag and drop tabbed calculations to view side-by-side or top to bottom.  
CalcForce Perform multi case evaluations2 For expressions with variables, perform multiple evaluations of the same expression. Change the variable value in each case. Results are automatically updated as case variables are set. Transpose the view as desired for optimum viewing.  
CalcForce Insert constants1 Insert constant values from a rich list of constants. Create your own constants.
CalcForce Create custom functions2 Create your own functions to simplify math operations. Functions can be any valid expression with any number of parameters.
CalcForce Calc library1 Save time using predefined calculations from installed calc libraries or create your own custom calc library.
CalcForce Save and reuse calculations2 Save calculations to file and reuse later. Use similar calculations to create alternate variations.
CalcForce Memory Save results to memory (memory store, memory +, memory -) and retrieve as needed. See memory value in storage.
CalcForce Options Change default settings, behavior and color themes.
CalcForce Multilingual CalcForce is in six languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. And has users guide for more.
CalcForce And much more... CalcForce is flexible and open to variety of possibilities.

1 Feature limited in CalcForce Lite. Upgrade to full version of CalcForce.

2 Feature not available in CalcForce Lite. Upgrade to full version of CalcForce.