Just Released: CalcForce for Windows 8

CalcForceCalcForce for Windows 8 is a scientific calculator for the new immersive app style in Windows 8. CalcForce evaluates expressions as you type. It is rich with features and options. CalcForce is easy to use yet very powerful.

CalcForce Features

CalcForce Standard

CalcForce StandardCalcForce Standard is a scientific calculator for the PC. CalcForce answers as you type; creates variables; analyzes multiple cases; has a multi calculation interface. It has a rich set of commands, features and options. It is easy to use yet very powerful. Use for work, school or home. CalcForce is an exceptional new way to calculate!

What can you do with CalcForce?

  • Perform basic and advance math operations
  • Define variables and set values for quick calculations
  • Perform multi case evaluations
  • Define and use constants
  • Define and use functions (multi parameter)
  • Open multiple calculations
  • View calculations side-by-side
  • Save and reuse calculations
  • Create dynamic calc library with frequently used calculations
  • Much more...

Who can use CalcForce?

Students, engineers, technical professionals, real estate professionals, accountants - just about anyone!

Datatific Review - View and Compare Data

The best resource for engineers everywhere

Datatific ReviewDatatific Review is a data application used to view and compare data in Access, Excel, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB and text data. It is visually appealing, easy to use and rich with features.

Datatific Review has a range of capabilities to help you derive more value from your data.

What can you do with Datatific Review?

  • Open multiple databases and database types
  • View data quickly and easily using innovative data tree
  • Compare two versions of a database table or spreadsheet
  • Compare dissimilar data
  • Search and highlight data using regular expressions
  • Execute SQL queries and commands using flexible SQL editor
  • Copy data
  • Export data
  • Compare database structure
  • Much more...

Who uses Datatific Review?

Data analysts, engineers, programmers, database administrators, solution integrators, IT professionals, schedulers, accountants, six sigma analysts, and others.

CalcForce Screenshots

Example Calc
Home Ribbon
Calc Ribbon
Calc Library
Scientific Keypad
Other Keypads

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CalcForce Introduction Video
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Datatific Review Features

Datatific Review Data Explorer Compare Data Data Navigator SQL Editor
Search Filter and Sort Column Formats Expressions Copy Data
Export Data Row Data Column Metadata Customize Display Options

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